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About Us

David Joannes Construction CO. L.L.C.
Is located in Kansas City, Missouri near the Kansas City International Airport. Joannes Construction is well known in the local community, many of our projects are the results of word of mouth advertising.  This speaks volumes about our work, and the experience that our company provides to our clients.  With over 60 years of combined experience our crew can complete all needed tasks.   We will complete many projects each season, we are able to handle large dirt moving projects, as well as smaller projects that are on a residential scale.  We have a large range of abilities that can be helpful to any project. 

David A. Joannes
David started David Joannes Construction in the year 2000.  David has over a decade of experience, providing all your dirt and rock needs.  His love of creation  and his passion for heavy machinery started in his teens and doing what he loves shows in each and everyone of his projects. These are the reasons why Joannes Construction stands out in the industry. Hard work, dedication, and know how are core practices for David, and his company.  For over 12 years this company has completed many projects and is always looking foward to a challenge, David Joannes and his operators are the company for you. 

 "We ain't never not made it yet"

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